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Jan 11, 2013 4:00am PST
. >>> defense secretary leon panetta warns the military could be hollowed out if congress doesn't come to a budget deal. acting before congress does or the automatic cuts take effect, panetta ordered cost cutting measures including delaying contracts and a freeze on hiring. both panetta and general martin dempsey, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff agree military readiness should not be affected. >> if fiscal uncertainty has become a very serious threat to our national security. >> readiness is what's now in jeopardy. we're on the brink of creating a hollow force, the very thing we said we must avoid. >> secretary panetta said he intends to stemt u.s. troops from any cuts. >>> the afghan president hamid karzai will hold a meeting today with president obama about troop levels. in advance of that he met with secretary of state hillary clinton about handing off security responsibility to afghan forces by 2014. at one point secretary clinton joked about secretary panetta's plans to retire to his walnut farm in california. >> secretary panetta, in addition to his many years of servic
Jan 11, 2013 4:30am EST
-related mishaps related to common sleep aids like ambien. >>> defense secretary leon panetta is moving to prepare for drastic military cuts if congress can't reach a deal on a budget and automatic spending cuts take effect. panetta has ordered cost cutting measures including delaying contracts and a freeze on hiring. both panetta and general martin dempsey, the chairman of joints chief of staff agree that the military readiness should not be affected. >> this fiscal uncertainty has become a very are serious threat. for national security. readiness is now what's in jeopardy. we're on the brink of creating a hollow force. the very thing we said we must avoid. >> secretary panetta has said he intends to exempt u.s. troops from any cuts. >>> afghan president hamid karzai is in the middle of his visit to the u.s. he met with secretary of state hillary clinton thursday. they talked about handing off security responsibility to afghan forces by the end of 2014 as well as preparations for elections next year. at one point secretary clinton joked to karzai about defense secretary panetta's plans to retire
Jan 24, 2013 6:00pm EST
for the military from an announcement by the pentagon. leon panetta lifted the ban on women in combat. >> it was a move recommended by the joint chiefs of staff. sally kidd has more on the coming changes from our washington bureau. >> the defense secretary says not all women may be able to qualify to be a combat soldier, but all deserve the chance. a history making moment for women in the military. >> we are eliminating the direct ground combat exclusion rule for women. >> and lifting the ban, defense secretary leon panetta says women have already faced the realities of combat. >> if they can meet the qualifications involved here, there is no reason why they should not have a chance. >> the move will open up more than 230,000 battlefront post previously off limits to women. >> this is really an incredible and very significant move for us, and the changes more a cultural one. >> military analysts say the most important component of the new policy will be determining gender neutral standards. there are practical concerns, too. >> did have the appropriate housing for them? how they integ
Jan 27, 2013 8:00am EST
leon panetta prepares to retire and former nebraska senator chuck hagel awaits senate confirmation to take his place. carter served for more than two years as the defense acquisition chief where he drove acquisition logistics and efficiency reforms becoming deputy secretary in october 2011. dr. carter great to have you back. >> thanks, good to be here with you vago. >> something that's been making headlines is secretary panetta changing the guidance to allow women to serve in combat roles that had been closed to them at one point on a standards based sort of way. but physical fitness standards aren't the same for both sections. are you guys -- sexes. are you guys going to have to establish new standards to make sure they are up for the task? >> we're not going to change standards that matter for war fighting capability. and 237,000 now positions that used to be closed to women will now be presumptivively open to women. we are going to have to work through the implications of that. what that means and what's really and what isn't real as regards to the differences between men and wo
Jan 31, 2013 7:00am PST
hagel. the president's choice to succeed leon panetta as the next secretary of defense. hagel faces questions from the 26-member panel and at least three republicans on this committee have already said they won't support him including the ranking senator james inhofe. he made that clear in his opening statement. now it is extremely rare for presidential nominees not to be confirmed, are and are senator dick durbin, the senate whip, said all 55 members of the senate democratic caucus will vote for him. so, in order to break the filibuster, he'd need the support of just five republicans. and one republican senator, thad cochrane, has expressed his support. let's bring in "time" magazine's assistant med tore and "washington post" columnist and msnbc contributor. we've already gotten a little preview as we heard from inhofe what some of the discussion is going to be about. what are you looking for here, e.j.? >> first of all, i think hagel is actually in pretty good shape. i think a critical event in this whole battle was when he met with senator chuck schumer and schumer gave his bless
Jan 11, 2013 2:00am PST
mishaps related to sleep aids. >>> leon panetta is moving to prepare for drastic military cuts if congress can't reach a deal an a budget. he's ordered cost cutting measures including delaying contracts and a freeze on hiring. they agree that u.s. military readiness should not be affected. >> this fiscal uncertainty has become a very serious threat to our national security. >> readiness is what's now in jeopardy. we're on the drink of creating a hollow force, the very thing we said we must avoid. >> secretary panetta said he intends to exempt u.s. troops from any cuts. >>> afghan president karzai is in the middle of his visit to the u.s. he met with hillary clinton. they talked about handing off afghan forces as well as preparations for elections next year. at one point, secretary clinton joked about secretary panetta's plans to retire to his walnut farm in california. >> secretary panetta, in addition to his many years of service, is at heart a walnut. >> clinton and panetta had a private dinner can karzai at the state department. karzai meets with president obama today. >>> well, there's
Jan 11, 2013 7:00pm PST
karzai on thursday met with leon panetta at the pentagon. the secretary of defense says the military campaign is reaching its final chapter. >> after a long and difficult task, we finally are, i believe, at the last chapter of establishing an afghanistan, a sovereign afghanistan, that can govern and secure itself for the future. >> afghanistan will, with the help that they provide be able to provide security to its people and to protect its borders. >> panetta said he and karzai made good progress but he declined to say whether they had agreed the size of the u.s. force that will remain in afghanistan. >> after a long and difficult path, we are finally, i believe, at the last chapter of establishing in afghanistan, a sovereign afghanistan that can govern and secure itself for the future. >> afghanistan will, with the help that are you providing, be able to provide security to its people and to protect its borders. >> panetta said and he karzai good progress but declined to say if they agreed on the size of u.s. forces that will remain in afghanistan. the united states currently has 6
Jan 8, 2013 6:00am PST
on the matter. the defense minister and u.s. secretary of defense leon panetta spoke by phone. onodera has been in the post since last month, and panetta leaves this month. onodera says he hopes to work closely with the u.s. to strengthen forces and improve deterrence. he says japan is dealing with it in a rational manner and says the government will take appropriate measures in response to provocative acts by china. panetta replied the japan/u.s. alliance is extremely significant and forms the basis of peace in the region. >>> people in china took to the streets for a second day of protests against alleged government censorship. authorities responded by mobilizing police officers to the scene. about 100 people gathered on tuesday at the headquarters of the nanfang zhoumo newspaper in the city of guangzhou. reporters at the paper say local communist party officials forced them to change an editorial calling for greater democracy and freedom of speech. more than 30 police officers ordered protesters to leave. they asked reporters to show i.d. cards. no local newspapers reported on monday's prote
Jan 24, 2013 2:30pm PST
for policy to catch up with reality. that was the message that leon panetta said today as he lifted a ban on women serving in combat. acknowledge in the sacrifices which have already been made by both sexes, he talked of a future where everyone would be given the opportunity to serve in front line rolls. what's the next greatest generation will be one of men and women who will fight and die together to protect this nation. that is what freedom is all about. >> leon panetta there. what do these changes mean and how does the u.s. military compare with other countries like britain? our defense correspondent has a closer look. >> thousands of women in the u.s. military had been facing daily dangers on the front line in iraq and afghanistan. when it comes to the fighting, it has mostly been done by men. women have been trained to kill but prevented from joining infantry units. the senior military commander confesses this makes little sense. >> women are fighting, they are dying, and have shown have great skills. the one thing they will probably look at is not changing training standards to acc
Jan 20, 2013 6:30am EST
's not a democratic government. and so defense secretary leon panetta has said that the u.s. government is willing to assist the french with logistics and intelligence. the drones you mentioned are not -- they would not be armed drones. they would be intelligence gathering drones but the french have taken the lead on n. i think so far the u.s. is standing on the side lienls pretty much -- sidelines pretty much cheering them on because it's an important mission. >> we've sent 55,000 americans there according to-- >> 50 million? >> what is it? 550 americans and they are there not as soldiers but there to help with equipment and so forth. >> this is an area, northern mali is an area the size of texas. and you've got-- >> twice the size of texas. >> you have al qaeda in there and the french with 500 troops. they're not going to recapture that place. they're going to use air power. the french are getting themselves into something. if they go there and try to take that back, they'll be in another guerrilla war like they were in algeria. >> the lesson that we learned, we go back to libya and there were w
Jan 8, 2013 6:00am EST
brennan as head of the cia. >> the president of the united states, leon panetta, chuck hagel, and mr. le john brennan. >> as president and commander in chief, my most solemn obligation is the security of the american people. we have met that responsibility. by ending the war in iraq, a transition to afghanistan, and decimating the al qaeda core, and taking out osama bin laden. by disrupting terrorist plots, saving countless american lives. among an outstanding team i am especially grateful to leon panetta who has lead the cia and our military. you have more than earned the right to return to civilian life. i have much more to say about his distinguished service in the days ahead. today i want to convey the eternal gratitude. thank you so much. i also want to thank michael who has earned the admiration of all of us who have worked with them all will across the government and here in the white house. in moments of transition he has guided the cia with a steady hand as acting director not once but twice. he is a consummate professional. everybody who works with him across agencies consider
Jan 7, 2013 10:00am PST
touchy between the dni and the director of the cia first with leon panetta and then with david petraeus because of that relationship to the white house. i actually think this one will work pretty well. i think he will let john run the cia, and he will let john dive into some of these detailed intelligence questions. it can be a little bit hard when the director of the cia who reports has had relationships with the white house, but ultimately i think that relationship to the white house is so important to the president for having the cia i don't think there's any way around that, and i think both john and jim who know each other well have worked together a lot. that should be really quite a positive relationship. >> this is hillary clinton getting a joke gift. that is protective head gear in case you ever need protection from another fall. it is a football helmet with the state department seal. you can see she's vemp back -- we're excited to see that. >> i read in the "new york times" i am sharing this because i was stunned by it. the amount of travel she has done as secretary of state.
Jan 23, 2013 11:00pm PST
very personally and even became emotional during the hearing. pentagon chief leon panetta is removing the military's ban on women serving in combat. that move will open up hundreds of thousands of front-line positions. also - the possibility of elite commando jobs. it's a ground-breaking move -- and panetta's decision gives the military until january of 20-16 to argue any special exceptions. but some of the jobs could open as soon as this year. >> ofthe oakland city council approved four crime- fighting measures this morning. including a controversial measure to hire a top cop as a consultant. the council voted 7 to 1 after four hours of public concerned residents packed the council chamber. former new york and los angeles police chief william bratton is known for his controversial tactics. also for his previouis successes in reducing crime. one of his strategies is stop and frisk, which many are opposed to. oakland police chief howard jordan says that is not something they plan on implementing. >> that is not something that we will be implementing. our policy is reasonable
Jan 24, 2013 10:00am PST
of soldiers. live coverage coming up of secretary panetta's big announcement. >> perpetrators of these horrific crimes to attain powerful military-stiz weapons. >> can the weapon get bipartisan support? coming up here new york city kirsten with new details on her bill to crack down on illegal gun trafficking. and the lip sync controversy continues. stephen colbert. >> yes, lip-gate. beyonce-gate. the crisis in lipia. beyonc-ghazi. was there a second singer on the grassy knolls? mr. president, the american people demand answers. what did beyonce sing? when did she sing it? is that even beyonce? it could have been sasha fierce. >> good day. i'm andrea mitchell live in washington. as expected, senator john kerry technically still the chair of the foreign relations committee holding his confirmation hearing today and counted no op sxwligs at that meeting. joining me now is senator bob corker, the top republican on the committee. senator, is it safe to assume that barring some unexpected, unforeseen circumstance senator kerly will indeed be our next secretary of state? >> it would
Jan 24, 2013 12:00pm EST
. -- android and other devices. today, leon panetta will and the ban on women serving in combat. the announcement is certain to drop both -- dropped both protests and praise. >> lifting the ban on women in combat is exactly what this maryland reservist with dr. when she and others sued the pentagon last year to do away with the pan -- was after last year when she and others sued the pentagon to do away with the ban. leon panetta, the outgoing director, follows a decade of war. >> women have been fighting in these combat roles for a long time. they just have not been getting the credit for it. they have not been earning what is due to them because of it and they have not been able to be promoted. >> not everyone thinks it is a good idea. >> it is needed. correct the damage is -- has been in place since 1984. -- >> began has been in place in 1994. correct new at noon, baltimore police release the identity on milton north avenue tuesday night. happen in the 600 blogger 9:30 p.m. tuesday night. officers discovered 32-year-old justin lee milton shot. he was taken to the hospital wher
Jan 31, 2013 10:00am EST
two-term senator from nebraska, chuck hagel. the nominee to succeed leon panetta are for defense secretary. he's tried to pave the way by meeting with at least 60 different senators. he's also had meetings with pan pap, panetta, of course. let's listen to chuck hagel. >>> thank you, chairman levin, ranking member inhofe, and distinguished members of the committee. i am honored to come before you today as the president's nominee to be secretary of defense. first, as you suggested, mr. chairman, let me introduce my family. my wife lily beth, my son zar and daughter ali are not with us. our son claims he's taking a test. we'll confirm that later. but both our son and daughter that we are very, very proud of, and i think, like any proud father and any proud mother, you all know how i feel about that as you have the same feelings about your children. it's the same way we feel about ours. i also want to introduce my brother tom who served with me in vietnam. my brother mike who is our number three brother and, i might add, who actually possesses any talent our family has. he has in the
Jan 7, 2013 5:00pm PST
secretary, replacing leon panetta. he also nominated john brennan to lead the cia. both hagel and brennan will face senate confirmation hearings, and republicans are saying both nominees could face congressional opposition. >>> now, hagel would take over for leon panetta who lives in monterey. panetta talked about life after the pentagon. >> the time has come for me to return to my wife, silvia, our three sons, their families, our six grandchildren, and my walnut farm. dealing with a different set of nuts. >> panetta has served as secretary of defense since 2011. his legny will include overseeing the troop drawdown in afghanistan, the trimming of the defense budget and the death of osama bin laden. >>> a gag gift greeted secretary of state hillary clinton when she got back to work at the state department today. you see this picture here? mrs. clinton got a football helmet with the state department logo on the side. secretary clinton has not made any public appearances since early december when she fell, hit her head and sustained a concussion. hence the helmet. she was released from the h
Jan 11, 2013 2:30am PST
, including 500 million less for the pentagon. defense secretary leon panetta has ordered a series of cutback measures, including a freeze on civilian hiring and a delay on contract awards. he also warned budget cuts would be a huge setback for national security. >> regardless of what congress does or fails to do, we still have an obligation to protect this country. the simple fact is that this fiscal uncertainty has become a very serious threat to our national security. and like any grave threat that we face, the american people expect and deserve action. >> panetta, who is stepping down as defense secretary, said the budget cuts may require furloughs for nearly 800,000 civilian employees in the department. >>> well, today president obama is scheduled to meet with afghan president hamid karzai at the white house. the two men are expected to focus on what role the u.s. will have in afghanistan after its troop withdrawal in 2014. last night the afghan president sat down for dinner with secretary of state hillary clinton and secretary panetta. earlier, panetta spoke optimistically about the u.s
Jan 31, 2013 9:00am EST
'm not going to do is vote on a new secretary of defense until the old secretary of defense, leon panetta, who i like very much, testifying about what happened in benghazi. i'm going to block hagel from going forward -- >> so you're going to block him? >> absolutely. >> so we're closely watching also hagel's old pal, former vietnam veteran, senator john mccain, who he very publicly split with on the iraq surge. the vietnam vet, max cleland, almost dared mccain to vote no. >> we all suffered the same fate, pretty much, in the same war. and i don't want see john turning his back on his brother. >> that vietnam caucus was very close at one time. it's a shrinking caucus now in the u.s. senate, with many of those vietnam veterans not there anymore. >>> well, the capitol hill drama today will be hagel's nomination. yesterday, it was all about guns. yesterday's senate hearing packed emotion. gabby giffords in conflict, dick durbin versus wayne lapierre and suggested just how hard the debate will be. giffords and her husband, mark kelly, made an emotional appeal to congress to expand background checks
Jan 11, 2013 8:00pm PST
panetta, said then. >> the size of that enduring presence is something that the president is going to be considering over these next few weeks. >> next few weeks, not months. he said that over a month ago. speaking about the troop count decision, secretary panetta told reporters, my hope is that we will be able to can complete this process in the next few weeks. two months ago it was weeks and four weeks after, it was weeks and now, it is months. good to see you both. roland, let me start with you. in a week where the question has been questioned for nominating chuck hagel for defense secretary, a man who was against the surge in afghanistan is four more defense cuts and written about avoiding wars, would it help the president to take a stronger stance on this? >> no. at the end of the day, you go through your evaluations. i talked to a three-star general that served in afghanistan that made it perfectly clear that these are delicate situations. you are still dealing with a country where we are trying to get the security forces up to bar. it could cost us about $30 billion a year.
FOX News
Jan 23, 2013 3:00pm PST
. on his way out the door, defense secretary leon panetta is opening the door to put women on the front lines. national security correspondent jennifer griffin reports from the pentagon tonight. >> secretary panetta plans to lift the military's ban on women serving in combat, opening thousands of front line combat to women. the ban had been in place since 1994. the service chiefs have until january 2016 to seek exceptions to certain units. the new directive will open more than 230,000 jobs for women in the army and marines. defense officials say the announcement will be made tomorrow. chairman of the armed services committee, senator carl levin welcomed the decision. "i support it. it reflects the reality of 21st century military operations." but recent studies found women are neither as strong as men in front line positions and socially they may disrupt the all-male units. elaine donnelly of the center for military readiness warns secretary panetta's decision threatens the tip of the spear unit. >> summarize 30 years of studies and reports, women do not have equal opportunity to surviv
Jan 7, 2013 1:00pm EST
to the podium with nominees. and leon panetta behind him. let's listen in. >> as president and commander-in-chief, my solemn concern is the american people. over the past few years, we met that responsible by ending the war in iraq, transitioning into afghanistan, decimating the al qaeda core and taking out osama bin laden. by disrupting terrorist plot and saving can countless american lives. among an outstandings national security team, i'm especially grateful to leon panetta who led the cia and military with incredible skill. leon, after nearly five decades of service, you have more than earned the right to return to civilian life. i'll have much more to say about leon's distinguished service in the days ahead. today i simply want to convey to you and sylvia, the eternal gratitude of the entire nation. thank you so much, leon. i also want to thank michael month relo. in moments of transition he's guided the cia with a steady hand as acting director. not once, but twice. and he is a consummate professional. as i said, everybody in the white house who works with him, everybody across age
Jan 24, 2013 3:00am PST
in his final act as defense secretary leon panetta will announce today he's lifting the ban on women serving in combat, a move that's long overdue, over 20,000 women have already served in combat in iraq and afghanistan. 131 of them giving their lives in those two wars. and if you don't believe that women are ready for armed combat just watch hillary clinton's testimony yesterday before senate republicans. man, she showed the way! all right. all of that and a lot more here on today's "full court press." but first, we get the latest, she does combat for us every morning, lisa ferguson out in los angeles. hi lisa. good morning. >> hey bill. i don't know if i quite do combat but i do the news. good morning everyone. vice president joe biden is holding a talk on gun violence today. it is a modern-day version of roosevelt's fireside chat only this will be a google fireside hangout. the online meeting starts at 1:45 eastern this afternoon and lasts for half an hour. biden will be alongside venture capital ist guy wysocki and phil defranco. they're discussing the new policies on curbing gun
Jan 24, 2013 9:00am PST
and specialops units. defense secretary leon panetta making the announcement official. that will happen in the next hour. barbara starr, the black berry e-mail went buzzing at the same time. it was quite surprising for this. we know that this has been an on going struggle, if you will, for some women fighting for this. but for this to happen, did it surprise you, as well? >> i think inside military circles this had all been afoot for some time. they were conducting some trial runs, if you will, seeing if women could pass some of the physical fitness courses that would be required. the marines had two women washed out. so not a huge surprise. and you have to remember panetta is about to leave office. he wants to get this done before he goes. >> the reaction so far? i know a lot of of course female, those in the military very happy and somewhat surprised by this. is that the uniform reaction to this? >> i think that most people in the military think it is inevitable that this step would be taken but there is a wide range of opinion. i have heard from military women this morning who are ve
Jan 23, 2013 10:00pm PST
leon panetta's decision to lift the ban on women serving in combat. >> ifill: and we explore the pros and cons of drone warfare and examine the technology behind it-- the subject of tonight's edition of "nova." >> our mind tries to put it in terms of robot or human? but the reality is a mix. >> brown: we close with politics and a look at the way forward for the republican party, beginning with today's house vote to extend the nation's debt limit for three months. >> ifill: that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... >> this program was made ssie by the corporation f public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> ifill: secretary of state hillary clinton testified for the first time today about last september's deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. her testimony before senate and house committees was at times tense and even emotional. >> as i have said many times, i take responsibi
Jan 31, 2013 9:30am EST
panetta, who delayed his retirement and his return to california to serve our country, first as director of central intelligence, and then as secretary of defense. secretary panetta has provided a steady hand at the department of defense through two very difficult years, and has read our great respect and our appreciation -- earned our great respect and our appreciation. finally, the committee will be holding hearings next week on benghazi, and the weeks thereafter on the impact of a sequester on the department of defense. senator hagel, we welcome you to the armed services committee as an old friend, those of us with whom he served during your years in the senate. there are few jobs were demanding that the position to which you have been nominated. the hours are long and extremely challenging, and require sacrifices from both the secretary and his family. we traditionally give our nominees an opportunity to introduce their families at these hearings, and we would welcome your doing so during your opening statement. if confirmed, senator hagel would be the first former enlisted man and t
FOX News
Jan 6, 2013 7:00am PST
of the things that leon panetta brought to the post and still does is the fact he hadn't spent time running the c.i.a. in countries like iran where intelligence is scarce, and we're looking at turmoil in syria as well, especially with russia getting involved by bringing in assets, that's something that he doesn't have. so what do you think chuck hagel would bring? what will be president obama's argument to congress in terms of these hearings that chuck hagel uniquely can bring to that post? >> at one point it was thought that what president obama was seeking was a republican who could help sell difficult defense budget cuts to fellow republicans but that's gone by the boards. i don't see any visible evidence of republican support for their former colleague in the senate. and one of the things that's awkward about this is that we have secretary leon panetta, wht with no timetable. you have a lame duck secretary of defense, hard to make decisions, uncertainty about the future. if barney frank because the interim democratic senator from massachusetts when john kerry is confirmed as secretary o
FOX News
Jan 12, 2013 11:00am PST
breath stevens and matt comiskey joins the panel. and matt, we had leon panetta, bob carey and hillary clinton as secretary of state. and very different choices in mindset and stature than these three. what defines this new team. i think it's pretty much defined by a couple of things. much more dovish, should america be involved in the world beyond, how assertive should we be. chuck hagel throughout his career in the senate and afterwards. almost a viewpoint that we-- >> despite being a republican. >> absolutely, and i think that's what's misleading here in a way. he doesn't agree with the mainstream republican party, he's being put forward as a bipartisan sort of pick, but throughout his time in public office he says we cannot shape events overseas and we shouldn't get embroiled in the problems in the middle east or challenge russia or china on human rights or democracy and i think that john kerry is pretty much the same way. >> paul: right. >> different from hillary clinton who has at times been much more hawkish. >> paul: the white house would say, john brennan led the counterterro
Jan 17, 2013 11:00am PST
matter when americans and others are taken hostage. >> panetta told abc news that there could be up to 100 hostages including seven or eight americans at the natural gas facility partly owned by p.m. panetta told abc that the hostage takers have rocket propelled grenades. >> what we will do is continue to look at the situation and determine what steps need to be taken. >> here is what is known. the siege began wednesday morning and an estimated 20 gunman attacked a bus with international workers which wases cot -- was escorted by two security teams. the terrorists moved to the compound where they are embedded with hostages. officials believe the attack was coordinated by a rogue al qaeda leader in africa who is the head of an organized crime network. he is reportedly made millions in ransom money from kidnapping, diamond smuggling, drugs and cigarettes. b.p. said in a statement that the british and algerian governments say the algerian army is trying to take control of the compound but the company has no confirmation of hostages being released or casualties. >> we have breaking news
Jan 6, 2013 6:00pm PST
, for example, leon panetta, who argued against sequestration cuts saying it would hollow out the military. you get the sense from panetta that he would resign in principle if the sequestration went into effect. there's a lot of argument against him on the left and right. >> a former combat veteran of vietnam going to the pentagon. >> someone who has seen combat, spilled blood of enemies in combat. it would be great for so many of the hawks to develop their think tanks. he is demanded independence of conscience. he has been a very loyal republican. the pointy criticized was president bush on the iraq war -- >> after voting for it. >> and after suggesting richard perle may want to lead the first combat and to baghdad. when you see someone like jim jones, brent, of bill: coming out in favor, i think that is good support. >> it is interesting how the centrist, a moderately conservative foreign policy establishment has rushed to his defense. when people who signed a letter for him was embassador pickering. >> i am getting a lot of unsolicited mail discussing chuck hegel's relationship with israel.
Jan 10, 2013 7:00pm PST
reached the last chapter in its goal to ensure afghanistan can look after its own security. leon panetta has been meeting the afghan president in washington. karzai also met hillary clinton, and he is due to hold talks with barack obama. we have more from washington. >> u.s. troop levels, u.s. financial aid, and political support for the afghan central government. those are some of the key issues dominating the agenda as hamid karzai continues his visit to washington. he has already met with leon panetta to talk specifically about the u.s. forces that would be necessary after the official end of the war of the end of 2014. the question will be what kind of responsibility will the troops have and what kind of legal protection will they have to carry out their mission. one thing the u.s. is keen to improve as the afghan security forces are capable of providing for national security across the country, but there are some critics who suggest this may be optimistic talk, given one out of the 23 decisions, just one is capable of carrying out of this sort of security without support and guidanc
Jan 23, 2013 5:00pm PST
panetta's announcement was unexpected and welcome for some women in uniform. the aclu of northern california along with the national organization and four service members filed suit against the federal government in november, calling the ban that kept the women off the front lines exclusionary and kept women from rising in the ranks and earning the recognition that their male counter parts get. 14,000 jobs were opened and removed the ban. the military has until 2016 to be ready for this ban. a former military member herself said that the ban prevented her and her two sisters from doing all they wanted to do in the air force and it's a dw thing. >> even today, women are serving in combat. we all know that. it's just a matter of giving them that thank you. and that acknowledgment, that yes, they are serving in combat. and they are doing a great job. and we need them there. >> a senior staff attorney with the aclu women's right project in san francisco released the statement saying in part, they welcome the lifting of the ban with cautious optimism and hope that it will be lifted qui
Jan 23, 2013 2:30pm PST
now, senior officials say that leon panetta, the defense secretary, decided to lift a ban about women in combat. it will make available hundreds of thousands of jobs. women are part of the active military personnel in america. and a suicide bombing at a mosque at the capital of baghdad. explosives inside the mosque south of kirkuk. a funeral was taking place at the time of the attack. russia says it is not planning large-scale evacuation of its citizens from syria despite the crisis there. many were flown back to moscow on monday. there are tens of thousands of russian citizens in syria. it is said that not all of them were accounted for. and glaciers in the indies have shrunk by about 40%. many in the south american region could melt away altogether. researchers blamed a rise in temperature for what they call an unprecedented retreat. now come to israel, where talks are already underway about building a new coalition government. put they's ballot alliance led by benjamin netanyahu -- and left him in a substantially weaker position. there is a young, centrist party. we have this repor
Jan 17, 2013 5:30pm PST
and terrorists have been killed. traveling in london, defense secretary leon panetta said either seven or eight americans were taken in the terrorist attack. mark phillips picks up the story. >> reporter: early today, what had been a hostage-taking standoff at a massive natural gas plant in the algerian desert turned violent and bloody. algerian troops had surrounded the plant after a number of foreign workers-- some reports say more than 40-- were taken hostage by an islamic group calling itself the mass brigade, and claiming ties to al qaeda. security sources told us that, when the prisoners were moved within the compound, algerian gunships opened fire. one irish hostage, steven mcfaul, recounted the ordeal to an arabic tv channel as it was happening. >> reporter: steven mcfaul's family were celebrating tonight. he, along with an unknown number of other hostages, managed to escape. his son, dillon, was overjoyed. >> i feel over the moon. i'm just really excited. i just can't wait for him to get home. >> reporter: at least one american, mark cobb, who had been hiding in a meeting room, is know
Jan 26, 2013 11:30pm EST
leon panetta has lifted the ban on women serving in common -- combat. >> as an army sergeant taylor took part in one of the earliest invasions of iraq in 2003. she was side-by-side with men as an arabic translator, often in dangerous situations. this veteran says that women have been serving in formally and combat roles for more than a decade. a time has come for it to be made official. >> this is a tremendous validation of all the honorable service that we have already been performing, by making the policy catch up to the reality on the ground. >> today, leon panetta made a historic change to women's role in the military. he lifted the ban on women serving in combat. >> i believe it is the responsibility of every citizen to protect the nation. and every citizen who can meet the qualifications of service should have that opportunity. >> today's announcement means that more than 230,000 battlefront posts are now open to women. that means more opportunities for women who plan to make the military their career. in washington today, there was support for this new policy. >> it is overdu
Jan 24, 2013 12:00pm EST
years. >>> defense secretary leon panetta will announce an historic change for the united states military today. the pentagon will lift its ban on women serving in combat roles. susan mcginnis has more. >> reporter: the new pentagon policy makes women eligible to serve in army and marine infantry units. there's also the potential for them to be a part of elite special operations teams, like the navy seals and delta force. victoria rivers was a machine gunner who went on missions with special ops forces. >> working side by side with special forces team, it was pretty cool. >> reporter: but in order to join, women must be able to meet the rigid strength and stamina requirements of those units. >> there's jobs that women can't do physically, because they just don't have the strength, the physical strength to do it. >> reporter: by lifting the combat exclusion policy, the pentagon is opening the door to more women being killed or wounded in action. combat operations in iraq and afghanistan have cost more than 130 women their lives, and more than 800 have been wounded. dawn commanded
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Jan 29, 2013 7:30pm PST
're dropping the biggest barrier to combat roles yet. the [bleep] and balls requirement. >> leon panetta announced the military will let women serve in front line combat units including infantry, armor, artillery even potentially special forces >> jon: wow. first gays, now women. what's next? noncitizens? oh, really? for hundreds of years before both those other groups? the point is to it's a major policy shift. there are bound to be detractors >> there are certain anatomical facts about upper body strength. your 6'4 ," 240 pound marine you're injured and you need the marine next to you carry back to safety. your the marine next to you is a 5'4 "women who weighs 115 pounds. >> jon: you're going to have tons and tons. (mumbling) with their wee little hands and their wee little feet. have you ever seen them eat. they pick up a dinner roll like this. and a tine he little sharp teeth. wait a minute. i'm thinking of mice. mice should not be serving in the military. no matter how adorable they might be. sergeant whiskers, i can't napalm you. as for the woman are too weak eument it would be a b
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